Suitability Reports

Producing high quality and compliant SRs can be difficult and time consuming but TIPS has the answer. Create a template for an SR with as many options and paragraphs as you need and then select the actual format within each client specific SR. What's more, TIPS shows you the final SR which continuously changes to reflect those amendments you make.

  • Automatically create SRs from client data.
  • Produce option buttons, specific formatting and common paragraphs.
  • Build templates that satisfy your firm's requirements and those of your compliance department.
  • Import Word documents as part of the process to build your templates.
  • Share and import templates from other users of TIPS.
The regulator expects SRs to be personalised. TIPS achieves this by not only including client specific aims and priorities but by using "proposals" produced with just a few clicks and illustrating your thought processes. Everything needed to produce client specific SRs has been included within TIPS.


Create stunning and accurate Suitability Reports.
The designer look complicated but it is easy to use or you can import templates!
Here's what the report looks like as you build the template.