Feature Overview

TIPS has many features throughout the package - all designed for ease of use and accuracy of data.

Have as many windows open as you want - work on client files, accounts and documents all at the same time!

Set up your own asset classes, ATR asset mixes, Portfolios and Fund asset mixes.

It's your data - why trust it to other people?

Easily Search and Find key data quickly.

TIPS is designed to handle not only your private clients, but corporate clients, Trusts, SSAS, SIPPS and the myriad of other people and companies that ARE your business. TIPS also gives you fully configurable document templates and a full and extensive Suitability Report Writer.

Everything about a client is integrated in TIPS - Fact Find, Aims, Priorities, ATR, documents, Account Status, Service History etc

Handle Trusts, SIPPS, SSAS and Corporate Files as easily as private clients!

Create impressive client orientated document templates.

Create personalised but templated Suitability Reports

TIPS gives you a full Accounting Package to save you time and money! Deal easily with fees, invoicing, provider statements, GABRIEL and associated MI.

A full and comprehensive accounts module, tailored for IFAs, able to serve the largest of firms.