About Us

Hourglass Software is a boutique software house offering selected IFA practices access to our leading software and a helping hand on all aspects of IT.

The company started about six years ago as an off-shoot of an IFA practice and has spent the last four years developing our customers in-house platform which we call TIPS.

Our philsophy is that IFAs are IFAs and not IT specialists. IFAs need technology but sometimes the tail can wag the dog! Complex software where only 10% gets used, expensive and necessary training as add-ons, help desks that take forever to get through to the right person, and software that develops according to the engineers' whims rather than customer requirements - these things have no part in our company!

We do not chase customers - we prefer to work with IFA practices that accept partnerships rather than supplier/consumer type relationships.

Being small means that we do not need a large market share to make a profit. We can pick and choose who we work with. In return our partners get leading software at a fraction of the cost of other systems and an effective dedicated IT support service all in one package!